Test interview and services

HR7 recruitment is a professional, fast and quality-assured mode of recruitment support for companies. We currently conduct about 1,200 test interviews annually. The HR7 recruitment concept is based on experience from our collaboration with private, public, Danish and international companies. This experience makes us experts in understanding the terms and needs of our customers. HR7 provides the following in connection with the recruitment process:

  1. Advice/sparring regarding the test process
    • Choice of test tools for the recruitment process
    • Implementation of solutions based on your needs and processes.
  1. Coordination and management of the testing process
    • Single point of contact between HR7’s coordination team and your recruitment manager
    • Coordination of time and locality between candidate, manager and recruitment consultant
    • Continuous monitoring of quality and customer satisfaction.
  1. Test feedback and follow-up
    • Our team of specialised consultants ensures fast and flexible delivery in high quality
    • Follow-up on candidate portfolio and evaluation of interviews
    • Support for your selection of candidates.

HR7 see recruitment as a matter of professionalism, competence and ethics.

  • Professionalism, because with our long experience we support your recruitment effectively without unnecessary impact and consumption of resources
  • Professional competence, because we have skilled and professional consultants to support the recruitment process
  • Ethics, because we provide proper treatment, which also secure the company reputation and is in accordance with current guidelines both nationally and internationally.