Values and guidelines

We work on the basis that the experience of all candidates in connection with test interviews has an impact on the company’s reputation. The professional and ethically correct treatment of all candidates therefore plays a role in the company’s image and attracting relevant candidates. HR7’s professionalism ensures value, in that all candidates experience professional treatment.

HR7 follows the Danish Psychologist Association’s guidelines for use of tests in the business. This ensures ethically correct recruitment processes.

HR7 is a member of the industry association Knowledge Centre for Professional Person Assessment. We follow the guidelines stated in “Professional personal assessment in public and private companies”, which is published by the Knowledge Centre for Professional Person Assessment.

HR7 ensures compliance with the EU GDPR regulation and the Danish “Act on processing of personal data”. This ensures our customers that full compliance with the applicable set of rules is established in all collaborations with HR7.

HR7 has internal processes, which ensure that we provide a uniformly efficient standard. We carry out ongoing systematic evaluation and continuous development of HR7 recruitment based on customer follow-ups and experience.

The tests used are subject to the on-going scientific quality assurance of the providers, which is in compliance with the applicable standards in the field.