About HR7

HR7 Recruitment consultants

– We solve tasks for people and organisations in the area of conflict between Product, Passion and Profession

The consultants in HR7 have a solid experience base and have solved tasks for some of the largest private and public organisations in Denmark. They are specialists in a large number of areas within organisation and development, and their work is based on a strong professionalism with a focus on quality assurance in all processes. Their work is driven by curiosity and a desire to be able to make a difference wherever they go. If you ask their customers, HR7 are clear-cut at strategic level, business-oriented, do not compromise on professionalism of psychology, and seem genuinely interested.

HR7 Occupational psychologists ensure quality

At HR7, four different teams guarantee the quality of the individual consultant’s work. They help to ensure that processes and methods are carried out properly and in accordance with academic and psychological standards, as well as ethical rules.

HR7 Occupational Psychologists collaborate with Danish universities

The occupational psychologists in HR7 take the latest knowledge and research as a starting point when solving tasks for organisations. Cristian Lima and Rudolf Kjeldsen, who are both directors at HR7, are also external lecturers at Aarhus University and several consultants collaborate with higher education institutions, such as the University of Copenhagen.

HR7 Occupational Psychologists have worked with citizens, burger chains and biotechnologists

HR7 Occupational psychologists have solved tasks for commercial companies and municipal and government organisations. From the international burger chain McDonalds through the biotechnology and research-heavy company Novozymes, to some of Denmark’s largest municipalities, including the City of Copenhagen. HR7 has also helped NGOs such as the Danish Cancer Society and Kofoeds School.

  1. Like being thrown to the lions If you ask HR7’s customers what it’s like to work with the consultants, one answer you may get, among others, is that it can feel like being thrown to the lions. And Rudolf Kjeldsen, a co-founder of HR7 – can well understand this:- Our approach is phenomenological, so every single issue we work with in the company in question is re-examined. We do not have a complete solution when we start a process in an organisation, and we always involve the customer in the study itself, as co-researchers in their own lifeworld. And, of course, you may then feel as though you are being thrown to the lions, he says and continues: – And therefore it is also incredibly important that those we work with can feel safe. And they do. For our customers also say: – that it feels like having a good friend who knows who we are, what we need, and who seems genuinely interested in us. And Rudolf is pleased: – Of course we are really happy about that, because we work every day to ensure that it is our customers lifeworld that is at stake – and not ours.


  1. HR7 loves motorsport and supports the racing team Teufel Racing Vrooooooom…HR7 supports the racing team Teufel Racing, a group of happy guys and gals who race on old mopeds throughout Scandinavia. – We do it because we want something to do together in HR7, because we want to be entertained and because we believe that sometimes you just have to do something because it’s fun and makes you happy. For us, Teufel Racing is a living example of the connection between the creation of results, passion and skill.


  1. HR7 is inspired by R98 – Actually, we were inspired to come up with our name of R98. There are probably not many people who are aware that R98 stands for Renholdelsesselskabet af 1898, says Rudolf Kjeldsen and continues: – A psychologist must be as neutral in his expression as possible, we should be in parentheses, because it gives our customers the opportunity to unburden themselves more freely without having to relate too much to us as a consulting firm. When we created HR7, many consulting firms had Latin and Greek names, which referred to to concepts or mythology. We wished to avoid the distraction in these references and said: If you forget that we are there in your process, then we have succeeded. Rudolf continues: – So we looked at R98, and did as they did by asking the question: What is it we do? Human relations, and when were we established? In 2007. We were actually founded in 2006, but we did not think that we could be called HR6, we thought that it would be too strange when people searched the internet, laughs Rudolf, and continues: – So we ended up being called HR7.